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[Heritage Bakery and Deli, Calgary, Alberta]

Heritage Bakery & Deli



Dine-in, or take-out to enjoy at home,
try a taste of country European homemade cooking!
Perfect for gatherings of any size or dinner at home.
Ready to serve any of your dining requirements!

1912 37th Street S.W.

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Prices subject to change without notice.

- (pierogi, pyrohy, piroghi, piroshki,
pirishki, vereniki, varenyky)

Hand Pinched With Care on site.
Potato & Cheddar Cheese
Potato & Onion
Potato & Cottage Cheese
Cottage Cheese & Onion
Sauerkraut & Onion
Sauerkraut & Meat (Beef)
Sauerkraut & Mushroom
Meat & Onion (Pork)
Seasonal: Plum & Cherry

$10.95 and up
Each bag contains 12 perogies

Cabbage Rolls
Using only the finest quality ingredients,
our Cabbage Rolls are hand-rolled and baked daily
in our delicious tomato sauce.

3 Flavours Available:
Rice & Beef
Rice & Bacon
Rice & Onion (Vegetarian)








Heritage Ham Sausage / Kielbasa / Kobasa
Our authentic homemade Polish Garlic Sausage
recipe has been passed down from generations and
is made with only the finest cuts of ham and spices.
(Including natural casings and natural hickory).
No MSG used.




Soup / Borsht / Borscht / Borsch

All our soups are made from scratch; no artificial flavours or colours are used!


Classic Vegetable Borscht Made with homegrown beets and other hand-selected vegetables! Our delicious classic vegetable borscht is garnished with dill and can be topped off with sour cream to your liking.


Sour Cucumber Soup A zesty and creamy combination of pickled cucumber, chicken and potatoes. A customer favourite!


Zurek (White Borscht) A creamy and slightly sour soup filled with garlic sausage, potatoes, and hardboiled eggs.


Take-Out Prices: Small $5.95   Medium $7.95   Large $10.95


Committed to bringing your family delicious home-cooked meals!


Heritage Deli Classics

Potato Pancakes: Made with select locally grown potatoes, our old country style recipe is hand prepared daily and pan-fried to a golden crispy potato pancake. Enjoy with sour cream or plain!

Cottage Cheese Crepes (nalysnyky): A delicate crepe filled with sweet cottage cheese! Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Top with favourite garnish or enjoy plain.

Meat Crepe (Croquette): Filled with ground roasted pork seasoned to perfection and wrapped in a delicate crepe, breaded and gently pan fried to a golden crisp. Melts in your mouth.
$4.25 each

Hunter's Stew (Bigos): A delicious and zesty medley of cabbage, sauerkraut, ham, garlic sausage and tomatoes. A true home-style country dish and No Carb Favourite!

Cooked Perogies (Potato Only)






Frozen Perogies






Pork Schnitzle - Shabowy Kotlet  

$7.50 each




Chicken Breast Schnitzle  

$7.75 each




Polish Hamburgers - Kotlet Mielone  

$4.95 each




Deli Meats    

Wide variety of sliced European deli meats


Prices Vary





Wide variety of sliced European cheeses


Please Inquire




Specialty Salads    

Selection of Handmade Specialty Salads



Prices subject to change without notice.



We cater to all size gatherings. Give us a call!



Baked Goods

Come in and try our delicious baked goods!




Lunch is available Monday through Saturday until 5:00 PM.

Hot Lunch Combo's

#1) 4 perogies + Hunters Stew + Garlic Sausage + Cabbage Roll




#2) 6 Perogies + Garlic Sausage




#3) 6 perogies + 2 Cabbage Rolls




#4) 6 Perogies + Small Borscht




#5) Meat Crepe + Small Borscht




#6) 6 Perogies




#7) 12 Perogies


Lunch Extra's

Cabbage Rolls

$3.95 each

$7.90 /2

$11.85 /3

$15.80 /4

Potato Pancakes

$2.95 each




Cottage Cheese Crepes

$3.95 each



Side Perogies (3)




Side Sausage

$4.95 Sm   

$7.95 Lg


Side Salad

$3.50 X-Sm

$4.50 Sm


Soups / Borscht

Classic Vegetable Borscht
Sour Cucumber Soup
Zurek (White Borscht)

Dine-in Prices: Small $6.50   Medium $8.50   Large $11.50


Ham & Cheese $7.95 Veggie & Cheese


Spicy Italian $7.95 Soup & Sandwich Combo


Tuna $7.95  









Bottled Water




Pop (355 mL)





Prices subject to change without notice.



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1912 37th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta