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[Heritage Bakery and Deli, Calgary, Alberta]

Heritage Bakery & Deli

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Heritage Bakery & Deli is the Best Polish Restaurant in Calgary (January 2021)

"Come here for mouthwatering cabbage rolls, kielbasa and sausage rolls if you are hungry...Heritage Bakery & Deli is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you."

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Heritage Bakery & Deli Has Been Crowned 2020 Top Choice Deli in Calgary (January 2020)

"The Top Choice Awards Survey is the way you give back to the local businesses
in your community by helping us identify excellence."

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Mary Berg Visited us to Help Pinch Perogies!

(CTV - For Glowing Hearts - January 2020)

Mary Berg is the winner of Master Chef Canada Season 3.
She's also the host of Mary's Kitchen Crush on CTV.
She's written a cookbook called Kitchen Party: Effortless Recipes for Every Occasion.

She is also the host of the first episode of For Glowing Hearts:
a cooperatve project between CTV and Destination Canada.

We are proud to be the first featured in this series!

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Calgary's Best: Heritage Bakery and Deli
3 min 12 seconds
Video courtesy of Calgary Best:

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FourSquare Confirms: Heritage Bakery and Deli
is the Best Place for Pierogies in Calgary

FourSquare City Guide (September 2019)

"Perogies are amazing!"
"Excellent borscht!"
"# 1 ... Simple as that!
Oh, include a potato pancake!"

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Where to Get Ukrainian Food in Calgary

Avenue Magazine (January 16, 2018)
"This primarily Ukrainian deli has been around since 1985. It sells 10 different kinds of savoury and sweet perogies as well as some lesser known items such as nalysnyky (cottage cheese crepes) and white borscht made with garlic sausage, potatoes and hard-boiled eggs."

by Alyssa Quirico

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Dream Jobs: Making it in Canada

Omni Channel (September 2015)
Dream Jobs celebrates the careers of multi-cultural Canadians as they pursue their dreams
through traditional skills, tenacity, talent and hard work.

Jason Lewis, Pyramid Productions

"Our pirogies are made from scratch, by hand, all on site. We make 10 different kinds. They are filling, they are wonderful, they are warm, they are very popular. They are the best pirogies in Calgary. What else is there to say? They are delicious."

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76 of the City's Best Summer Foods

Avenue Magazine (June 2015)
"The cabbage rolls at the Heritage Bakery are gigantic and bursting with filling..."

Avenue Magazine, Rolled Foods Category

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Neighborhood Gem

News Talk 770 Radio (March 20, 2015)
"Created on-site, hand-made, delicious food...and you just know that they're made with love."

Angela Kokott chatting with Käthe Lemon

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25 Best Things to Eat in Calgary 2015

Avenue Calgary Magazine (March 3, 2015)
"Fruit Perogies from Heritage Bakery & Deli
...are bulging with either plums or blueberries"

By Julie Van Rosendaal

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Killarney Glengarry Community Newsletter

Your Community Business of the Month! (February 2015)
"At Heritage Bakery and Deli we strive to make your visit a pleasure
you will share with your friends and soon become one of ours."

Courtesy Victoria Baitson, Great News Publishing Ltd.

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Videos: Breakfast Television, January 3, 2014, CITYTV

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Making Homemade Garlic Sausage
(Heritage Ham Sausage, Kubassa, Keilbassa)


Making Cottage Cheese Crepes
(Nalysnyky, Nalesniki, Blintzes)


Making Hand-Pinched Perogies
(pyrohy, varenyky, perogi, pierogy,
perogy, pierógi, or pyrogy)


Making Cabbage Rolls
(Golab, Hulupki, pigs in a blanket,
Golabki, golumpkies, holubtsi, golubtsy)


Heritage Bakery & Deli Calgary Business Story

Yellow Pages Business Directory Feature (January 2015)
"Once you step inside Heritage Bakery & Deli, you'll immediately feel at home."

Courtesy of Yellow Pages

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Killarney is hot and getting hotter...

Everyday Tourist (2013)
"Heritage Deli & Bakery is another example of the diversity of shops in the Killarney area.
All good urban villages have a signature deli and bakery."

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Elsie Hui, Calgary Travel Foodie, Raves on Her Blog

Elsie Hui's Blog (Thursday, November 7th, 2013)
"I LOVED this place and I already think about going back to eat
their meat crepes or potato pancakes and their schnitzels! "

By Elsie Hui

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Inside Look at How the Staff Prepares For the Day

Calgary Journal - Mount Royal University
"As early as 5 o'clock every morning, the staff arrives to peel potatoes
and craft up the filling for their famous perogies
- a process that sometimes takes them all day to finish."

By Mount Royal senior journalism student

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Baba's Pinch Seals Quality of Perogies

the Edmonton Journal (November 14, 2012)
My sister makes a very distinctive perogy. I can tell by the frill
- she always closes them with exactly five pinches, says Kathy...

By Jan Hostyn, Edmonton Journal

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Keeping It In The Family

Calgary Herald (Friday, January 14, 2011)
When her parents wanted to retire, Kathy Batorowska stepped into the breach,
assuming control of Heritage Bakery and Deli and its legion of loyal customers.

By John Gilchrist, Calgary Herald

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Customer Review:

I went to Heritage Bakery and Deli last Friday morning and bought some sausage to take to my parents' house for Christmas Eve. My father is Ukrainian (his father came from Ukraine) and my mom makes a lot of the food. Before moving to High River, my parents lived in a small Ukrainian village in Manitoba. They always bought their sausage from the local grocery store which had (and still has) the reputation of having the best sausage around. When I would go home to visit my parents, or when they would come visit me, we were always getting sausage to take to Calgary.

Since my parents moved to High River 3 years ago, my sausage connection was gone and I've been trying to find good sausage here in Calgary ever since. My search is over. Walking into that deli was like walking into my Baba's kitchen back in Manitoba. The sausage was still hot when they packaged it up for me. Of course, I had to try it as soon as I got home. It was, by far, the best sausage I ever had. I did not mention any of this to my parents, as I wanted to get their honest opinion. Well, they tried it and could not get enough of it. They both said it was even better then the sausage they used to buy in Manitoba. That's quite a compliment coming from my family! I am already planning my next purchase for Ukrainian Christmas.

Thank You!





1912 37th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta